VICTORIA - Book a Mentoring Session with Brett Melville (Cheltenham, Melbourne)
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VICTORIA - Book a Mentoring Session with Brett Melville (Cheltenham, Melbourne)

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*** PLEASE NOTE *** Not-for-profits and charities are not eligible for mentoring. Due to high demand, mentoring sessions are subject to availability. Please book now to avoid any disappointment. 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all mentoring appointments will be conducted virtually until further notice.

Mentor Name: Brett Melville

Mentor Contact:

Mentor Expertise:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Building & Selling Online
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Mentor Bio:

Brett is the owner and founder of Website Design & SEO agency Digital Treasury, which helps businesses grow their profits online with powerful website designs and smart SEO strategies.

He believes that all business should have a website that clearly and quickly communicates to browser who they are, what products/services they sell and why people should choose them. His website strategy starts by gaining an understanding of his clients business strategy and target audience to help inform what a website build should look like and communicate to potential customers.

Brett understands that you can have the best website in the world, but it is all means nothing if you're not attracting traffic to it, which is where developing a smart search engine optimisation plan comes into play. Brett thinks that with some good content and foundation links to your website, you can start to outrank your competitors in Google.

Mentor Links:

Website -

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Suite 14

4-10 Jamieson Street


VIC 3192


#1. How to book

  1. Browse through our mentor profiles and choose which mentor will best suit your needs
  2. Buy a mentoring session with your chosen mentor using the “Buy with PayPal” button (note: you can use a credit card if you do not have a PayPal account. Click the “Buy with PayPal” button, then select “Pay with Card”)
  3. Our team will email you within 1 business day with a secure booking link to book your mentoring appointment. 


#2. This seems too simple. Is there a catch?

No catch! All you need is to live in Victoria, have a valid ABN, and pay $25 to access 2 hours one-on-one mentoring with a digital business expert.


#3. How do I book my mentoring appointment?

Call us on 9490 1402 during business hours and we will book you in with your preferred mentor.


#4. I’ve participated in the ASBAS Digital Solutions program. Can I access the Digital Solutions Mentoring?

Yes! This can be accessed in addition to the 2 hours mentoring received via ASBAS program. Simply pay $25 and attend another 2 hours of mentoring.


*** PLEASE NOTE *** Not-for-profits and charities are not eligible for mentoring. Mentoring sessions are subject to availability, please book now to avoid any disappointment.

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