What is Visual Marketing?

Visual marketing uses images to convey information. People process images faster than the written word, so it’s critical to make that first impression positive and in alignment with your brand.


Ideas for Visual Marketing

High-quality photos are the clear first option, but what if you deliver services or don’t have a huge product range? Some other choices include branded images, quote cards, videos, data visualisations, infographics, attractive screenshots, and video.


Canva: Visual Marketing Tool

Canva is a free, easy-to-master content creator for visual marketing. You can create a custom project, logo, infographic, flyer, social media post, web banner, and much more. Visual marketing is more likely to catch a customer’s attention; however, to stand out it must have a fresh, relevant image and high-quality design—which makes Canva well suited to small businesses with its easy-to-use interface and high download quality.

This platform is free for small projects, so you can trial before you buy here.


Visual Marketing Online

How can you implement visual marketing? Aside from on your website and social media feeds, try to keep a consistent visual brand anywhere your business exists online. Your logo isn’t enough: think on-brand photographs/illustrations and the colour scheme of headings, background, icons, and text.

Placement could include branded visuals on event listings, newsletter campaigns (and signup pages), surveys, reports and informative e-booklets, user-only access platforms, and so on. If a potential customer can view it, use visual marketing to keep them engaged!


Visual Marketing on Social Media

Most social platforms have evolved to place images/videos front and centre of social feeds. Facebook posts incorporating quality images receive more clicks than those without, while Instagram and Pinterest are visual specific platforms.


Instagram is a powerful social platform for small businesses selling visually appealing products or services—the second most engaged network after Facebook. Feature your brand to followers while using trending hashtags to expand your reach.

Instagram is more than an image feed. Small businesses can take advantage of Instagram Stories, Shoppable Instagram feeds, and Influencers. Stories share visual moments of your day with followers that disappear after 24 hours. Shoppable Instagram Feeds dramatically reduce the steps a customer takes to reach checkout. And Influencers are people with an established following with the power to persuade their audience into purchasing products.


Pinterest is a powerful visual platform for businesses with aesthetically striking products or services. Showcase your brand while relating to your customers and gaining follows, website visits, and sales. Share, create, and curate your small business’ own on-brand image collection online.


If you would like assistance with the visual marketing of your small business, book in for Digital Solutions mentoring today!

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