Sell Products on Facebook & Instagram

Selling products on social media makes it as convenient as possible for customers to buy. This is known as social selling and involves connecting your products to a social media platform.

The two most popular platforms for social selling are Facebook and Instagram.

On Facebook you can sell via a Business Page Facebook Shop, setting up a catalogue that connects to your online store and holds information about your inventory, while Instagram has a “Shop Now” button, which you can add to your product posts to sell to people who view your pictures.


Setting Up a Facebook Shop

Expand your business to where your customers spend a lot of time—Facebook. Use the power of this social media behemoth to drive your community to buy your products using the Facebook Shop. This is a simple solution, provided you have a Facebook Business Page, and allows customers to browse share, and purchase your products without leaving Facebook.

In order to set up a Facebook Shop, you will need to have product images, descriptions, pricing, postage, and payment providers prepared.

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Facebook Shop, check out this in-depth process on the Social Media Examiner.


Selling on Instagram

Shoppable Instagram Feeds are an exciting Instagram feature. You can tag multiple products in your posts and link directly to your online store, dramatically reducing the steps a customer takes to reach checkout.

How does it work?

Shoppable Instagram posts are recognisable by the shopping bag icon in the corner of the image. A customer simply taps on the image and all products for sale within the post will appear. Tapping on a specific product will open a new window, providing a product description, price, and link to your online store.

In order to set up a Shoppable Instagram Feed, you’ll need a working knowledge of both Facebook and Instagram. Before you start, ensure that you have set up a Facebook Business Page, a Facebook Shop, that your Facebook Shop is filled with products you’d like to tag on Instagram, and that you’ve set up your Business Profile on Instagram (not just a person profile).

To connect your Instagram with your Facebook Page and start selling, follow this guide for setting up your shop by Instagram.

Selling your products on social media reduces the steps it takes a customer to reach the checkout. It also expands your customer pool while increasing the customer experience.


For more information on digital storytelling, book in with a Digital Solutions mentor and discuss the best approach for your business.

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